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Who is Wildcouger

Wildcouger Peter

I love my women shaken, and not stirred...

Dating Coach (Day- & Nightgame)
Lifestyle Coach

(2009 - ) Founder + (private) coach -- Titan Seduction
(2011 - ) Founder + organiser ---- Dutch Bootcamps.nl(events, workshops, mini-seminars e.a.)
(2015 - ) Founder + (private) coach -- Nightgame Seduction
(2015 - ) Founder + (private) coach -- Daygame Seduction

Born: 1969, Nijmegen (NL)
Nationality: Nederlandse
Residence: Eindhoven, Amsterdam
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Hungarian


At the end of 2005 he started reading 'The Game' by Neil Strauss, which intrigued him so much that he immersed himself further on the material. Especially the seduction game during the night (Nightgame) fascinated him very much. And because of all his effortless dedication to develop his skills as a Pick-Up Artist (PUA), he was able to advance his 'gaming' skills to an amazing level.

The style which Wildcouger has developed in the years is subscribed as self conscious, confident, positive aggressive, masculine, physical, and Natural.
His enthusiasm, energy, and passion are legendary. Just as his success with beautiful women. Because of this he has become one of the most known face within the Dutch Pick-Up (PUA) scene, and even outside its borders.
From the first moment he got in touch with this 'subculture', he is closely involved with the Dutch community, and has always committed himself effortlessly to bring and keep them together. Mostly by organizing of events, such as the Mini- en BIG-Meetings in cities as Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

In 2009 he founded his own, and currently successful dating coach company, Titan Seduction, to teach even more men the ability to talk to and seduce women.
He did this through his successful 'custom-build/-made' private workshops, which are still given on a regular basis throughout The Netherlands. And due to his year long experience as coach, he is able to analyze the challenges and 'sticky-points' of his clients very fast, which enables them to implement his advice instantly. His clients have the benefit of these abilities as they can undertake the right action and therefore become successful.
Furthermore he continuously and freely gives advice to men who ask him for it. This because it is still his passion and dedication to help out other men, and which keeps him connected to this extra ordinary community.

Besides dedicating his time to Titan Seduction, he also organizes successful and sold-out Dutch Attractions (DA-)Bootcamps (Talks), mini-seminars, -workshops, and other events with his new venture: Dutch Bootcamps.nl.
In the past Wildcouger started out as a speaker during previous 'DA-Bootcamp Talks', and was able to build on his already excellent reputation. But because of organisational problems by others organizers of past events, he decided to give it a go and organize these himself. Thus Dutch Bootcamps.nl was born.
His ultimate goal with this company is to grow it into an even more successful event organization exclusively for the Pick-Up Community. But there are plans to break through on an international level, and even onto other markets.

Next to his dedication and devotion to the Pick-Up Community, he also works as an consultant in finance and founded another successful company. This company was founded in 2011 with its main goal to develop en realize own concepts and ideas. This company already realized several successful concepts and is in the process to launch a 'few' more.

In short Wildcouger Peter is a very active person with a passion for entrepreneurship and a taste for very beautiful women.

For more information about the activities of Wildcouger surf to his personal Facebook- en Twitter profile.

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