Skype Sessions (EN)

Skype Sessions

How often do you have a burning question and you can't find the professional and good help??
And when you find some, you don't want to pay for the unnecessary expensive workshop or other overpriced solution?

No, off course you want somebody who can give you professional and affordable advice concerning your situations. A 'lifeline' which helps you direct, but most importantly: professionally.

In that case a simple Skype session can offer you the most affortable and efficient method to solve your challenge(s).

Our very experienced Pick-Up coach, Wildcouger (Peter), is exclusively available to you to answer your urgent and burning questions extensively about specific situations so that you can implement his advice immediately and therefore get the positive and better result you can wish for.

Thanks to his years of experience with the seduction of (a whole lot of) women, and his coaching of many men (with his exclusive workshops), he is very analytic and can immerse himself into you specific situation. With this capability he is able to help you professionally with that certain specific 'challenge'.

So when the certain feeling creeps up onto you, and you need that direct help with your challenges or other difficult issues, and you want to receive professional and helpful advice, don't wait to long with that and E-MAIL us immediately.

Our experienced coach will make an appointment and will help YOU immediately!!!.

How does it work??

To offer the professional help through Skype with you specific challenge, I have set up some very easy guidelines to set it all into motion.

1.) You send me an E-mail with the request for a Skype session.
2.) We'll set up an appointment most convenient for you.
3.) I'll send you further instructions and procedures through E-mail.
4.) At the set date and time I'll set up the Skype connection and off we go...

In the E-mail you will receive (Sub 3.), I'll confirm the date and time as agreed upon. Furthermore you'll receive an invoice through PayPal to be paid. After the receipt of your current situation/issues, and the receipt of the payment, we'll get straight down to solve these challenges.

I can't make it easier and efficiently than this...

To the left you find the charges/costs of the Skype Session(s)

If you have questions or wish to receive more information concerning this Skype-service, please don't hesitate to contact us through E-mail.

Kosten SKYPE-sessie(s): (USD)

060 minuten -: 35,00 USD

090 minuten -: 52,50 USD

120 minuten -: 62,50 USD

150 minuten -: 77,50 USD

180 minuten -: 87,50 USD